comment love

I am blessed by comments. 

They have kept me blogging since I wrote my first blog post in March 2006. Little did I know seven and a half years ago how much I would be impacted by people across the globe.

There is an internal struggle I have with comments, though.

I’m not sure whether I should respond back. Sometimes I’m afraid if I respond to a list of comments I”ll come off as a big faker. I want to be genuine. Other times I’m concerned if I comment back it makes it look like I expect readers to check back again and again. The thing is, I’m just happy you came in the first placed and ecstatic you took the time to leave a few thoughts in the comments. I also don’t want to send the message that I don’t value feedback. I care deeply about comments. they fuel my writing life.

I’d love to know your thoughts about commenting back. I’m blessed by comments and I shouldn’t be hesitant to respond back when I’m moved, nor should I worry about being ungrateful if I don’t respond.
I have to remember you are reading because you want to read, not because you are forced to read. And if you leave a little comment-goodness it’s because you want to leave a response.
Thank you for your encouragement and inspiration and making me a better educator and momma and person. 

What you leave is so much more than comments.

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  1. Don't worry about commenting back! I usually try to respond and say, thanks, but I never expect that people will check back to read my return comment (and I don't usually check back to see if posters respond to my comments either, unless I've left a question or something). Instead, I use the people who comment on my posts as a “must read their most recent blog post and comment back” guide. I don't have as much time to blog-hop as I'd like, so visiting the blogs of people who leave comments and commenting back makes me feel like I've at least interacted with a few people 🙂 But yes, that's part of blogging that can be (but shouldn't be!) stressful 🙂

  2. I second Jess: Don”t worry about commenting back! I know that creating conversations is a big part of blogging. I have learned over time which bloggers reply to comments and I go back. I also understand that it takes time, so it is unreasonable to expect reply to each comment I leave. I think that like your post today, we can take the thoughts from comments and write something new. I hope that my readers also know that even though I don't reply, I appreciate and value each of their comment.

  3. And I'm with Terje, I hope that every commenter knows how truly special I find their comment, but as a practice I don't write back unless they've asked me a question. When I comment I want it to let the writer know their words matter and they are not just typing into cyberspace. Someone reads, somedays that is me.
    Can I say how happy I am to read your thoughts tonight? I was afraid you were bowing out from this space. I'm smiling with each of your posts.

  4. Your writing often leaves me in tears…in a good way. Even the shortest posts are full of life. I've realized that I too can write, and it doesn't have to be fancy, it doesn't have to be well said, it just has to be me. Thanks for sharing your heart and your words.

  5. Absolutely agree. I don't reply back to comments left either, but tremendously value the words and thoughts shared. I think it's a time constraint, especially during SOL or the March challenge. It's enough to try and read as many posts as you can and leave a comment, but then remembering where you visited can get tricky. If I have left a specific question or a comment that encourages some reply, I will go back.

    I will say, that many of us (specifically many SOL-ers) have all written a post about the importance of comments and just knowing that someone read my words and left a note of goodness is essential to the writing life and encourages me to keep on writing. This community that you and Stacey have created embraces comments even without any replies. “What you leave is so much more than comments” says it all.

    As always, thankful for your words, Ruth.