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Nine Days I Am Looking Forward to Spending with My Students — In this post, Colby Sharp shares days to celebrate as readers. Colby’s energy is contagious in this must-read post from the week.

Simple Ways You Can Help Someone Who’s Hurting — Holley Gerth shares wise and simple ways to support someone who is going through a tough time. I love this last line..”Love is the best healer of the heart.”

When You Think Your Love Story is Boring — A little post by Lisa-Jo Baker about genuine love stories and how the ordinary everyday love is more real than the glamorous chase-me-through-an-airport-and-stop-me-from-getting-on-a-flight love can ever be. Makes me want to write a little love story post too.

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  1. Thanks Ruth for sharing those bits. Today is my anniversary and I loved the “When You Think Your Love Story is Boring.” We actually eloped so our love has always been pretty simple…this post makes me appreciate it even more.