it’s time to get ready for school

I never know when it is going to hit — that moment when I’m ready to return to school. Some years it arrives early, just a few days after the previous school year ends. Other times it happens mid-July. One year I had to force myself through the early August days of the new school year and wondered if I’d lost my passion forever. (I didn’t.)

If I’m honest, now that I have this little tribe of my own, I sometimes wonder if I’ll be ready to go back. If the desire will be there. If the magic of a new school year will still charm me. It always does. I’m always ready to return.

A few weeks ago, Hannah and I ran into Wal-Mart. “Oh no! Don’t look Mom!” Hannah squealed. Of course I looked.

And wished I didn’t.

There we are: me, someone who believes with her whole being in the power and purpose of public education, and her, someone who wants to grow up and be a teacher, standing with our mouths gaping and feet frozen, appalled by the school supply aisle.

And we love school supplies.

“Is it time, Mom?” Hannah’s voice is low.

“Almost,” I say back.

“I’m not ready,” she says.

“You will be.”

And this is the truth.

We will be ready for school to start. As much as I treasure these moments of summer, I also treasure the moments of the school year. As good as it is for us to be together at home, bonding and creating memories, it is also good to go out in the world and find the rhythm of the school year and the connections to friends and the community.

It’s about letting go and holding on. It is time to prepare. For the next few weeks, I’ll share ways I get ready to start the new school year, in hopes it will inspire you and help you feel ready too.

Here’s to another year — may it be the most charming of all.

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  1. It's what I call the mind flip. You all of a sudden are just ready. I'll be ready, but I need a few more weeks of summer first!

  2. My oldest son and I had a fight in Walmart the other day. We were there to buy underwear and I got seduced by the siren song of new school supplies. “It's not even time yet,” he declared vehemently. But actually, unbelievably, it almost is. I love the beginning of the school year…

  3. Yep, I've seen the new school supplies lining the aisles, too. And I get it, the feeling you're talking about. We'll be ready… My college girl has a write-on calendar on her wall, which she's been filling in this summer not by the calendar months, but by her working pay periods… she commented Monday that she had filled it in for the last time up to the day she'll be leaving again… she's ready. I'm lagging a little behind, even though I head back to school sooner than she does. I had summer school and a week long workshop before my summer started!

  4. I've been going in to meet with a few people now & then, & one of our school systems begins Aug. 1st so their supply lists are definitely out. I love starting, but still want some more days of NOT running out of the house.

  5. Definitely not ready yet! But it will come. I did walk through the school supply aisle at Target the other day. Always on the lookout for a new notebook or folder that charms me.

  6. Isn't it just crazy how things go up in the aisle before we even have a moment to think about it? I do love new school supplies though…yikes! My cart will be overflowing in no time.

  7. Oh, this is so true! My girls and I walked through Target last week and my mouth dropped and I said out loud to them, “Already? School supplies already?” Of course, being 3, they had no idea what I was talking about! And still, I was drawn to those aisles just to look!

    And you are right (that happens a lot you know), soon enough we will all be ready. Looking forward to your inspiring posts about getting ready for the new school year! (I'm sure it includes a little school supply shopping!)

  8. As the opening of school gets closer, I get a little more excited. My daughter and I had so much fun at Staples last week. She didn't need to buy school supplies when she studied in Turkey last year, so she was especially glad to see all the goodies on display. Here she is, a freshman in college, and new notebooks and pens are what she's looking most forward to as the new year begins. It made me smile. 🙂

  9. I did…I just got excited, first I went to JoAnn's for paint, because Dave is making me a shiny new red chair and I'm stenciling in purple, yellow, orange and green. It is my new workshop chair. Then I went and got the most expensive stylus for my i-pad. I love how it feels in my hands. I'm starting to picture a new room arrangement. I love the beginning of the year…and you know that this is the beginning of my ending year. I love school ! xo

  10. I'm ready and yet not…excited for your words of encouragement. However, I have been organizing and reorganizing and am excited for some new things to try…you'll have to pop in and visit my 26 cherubs (as of right now).