Easter Sunday

Scars. This was the angle of today. The scars of Jesus. The scars of injuries. The scars of life. You know, the only remaining scars on Jesus after he rose were the scars on his hands. Why do these scars remain?

Andy and I sandwiched our kids in the pew today during service. There they sat, all clean and shiny. And they listened to the sermon about scars. They know all too well about scars. All but the youngest, have too much of an understanding about scars.

“What’s Kurt mean about internal scars?” Sam whispers to me.

“He means when someone hurts your heart it sometimes leaves a mark on you.”

He nods. Is quiet. Then: “It stops hurting if you forgive them.”

I’m quiet. Nod. Then: “Sometimes it’s hard to forgive when people hurt us.”

He leans close, his forehead bumping my temple. “That’s why Jesus died on the cross. When He lives in your heart it’s easier to forgive.”

I nod. Stay quiet. He may not understand about having scars, but he knows how to help heal scars. Sometimes scars make it difficult for people to be pleasant. Sometimes when people are scarred they don’t treat others kindly — especially those they live with.

He is the glue that binds our family together. It happened when we adopted the girls and it’s happening again. He shows unconditional love and forgives again and again. I’ve often wondered how he keeps loving. Now I know his secret.

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  1. This piece makes me cry. Sam is so very wise for one so very young. I pray every day that the healing hand of Christ will touch my boys and heal their scars.

  2. This boy knows unconditional love, he's had it all his life from you and Andy. He doesn't know how not to love, and that is awesome. Such a sweet picture!

  3. Such a treasured tale; one I'm glad you caught in today's slice. I agree with Deb — he's an old soul…but such an in-tune one. I think I would've cried. Right there. In the Ayres' sandwich pew.

  4. That is a powerful family photo, but even greater is the moment you captured in your slice. I am especially taken by the image of Sam so close he is bumping your temple. His desire to understand, to explain the world he so lovingly holds together is beyond precious.

  5. So beautiful that this wise little guy is sharing his thinking with you, and the thing that makes it even more special is that you captured his words and shared them with us for even more inspiration…you listened!
    Happy Easter and thank you for sharing this!

  6. I love his thinking. I'm sure your family is healing through the scars. Eventually the mark may still be there, but the memory of origination will be replaced with a forgiving memory. I'm guessing the soldier whose ear Peter cut off was left with the memory of Christ overpowering the initial event. At least that is the way I'm learning healing is.

  7. I often wonder what kids like yours think about during sermons or messages such as these. Thank you for sharing, thank you for being someone who is there to help with the healing.
    I know from personal experience with my disabled son that sometimes the message intended is not the one the child hears. I learned to check in often.

  8. Oh my. This precious little one says so much with so few words. And that really is the message Jesus brings – simple and sincere. Thanks for helping us hear it again – and for making me remember how to make it easier to forgive.