writing by the ocean

As I write, this is my view.

I sit here, by the ocean. The sun sparkles off the water. Canadian geese fly past. It is quiet. The world moves outside and I sit still inside. The words pile this morning. The thinking is full, boxing ideas, embracing change, searching for meaning.

I walk the breakwater one more time. The salty waves crash and splash. I taste salt on my lips. The world moves and I keep still on the inside. Heather and I talk writing, one writer to another. It’s not about teaching writers, it’s about being writers. There’s comfort in feeling another soul understands your own.

Many find peace at the ocean, they find comfort with the salt air and the sound of the waves. I understand the draw, but it does not capture me. I slip through the net.

My comfort is in train tracks built around my chair and Lego cities constructed on the dining room table. It is snuggled under a quilt with a child and a book. It is movies and popcorn and all six of us somehow squished on the couch. It is bike rides and playing catch in the yard and racing up the hill. It is a homemade play directed by my daughters and banana bread baking in the oven. It is noise and hugs and one more interruption that starts with, “Mom…” It is laundry buzzers and dishes stacked in the cupboard. The words pile in the crevices of a full life.

I sit here, writing by the ocean, ready to be home.

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  1. I love that your “home” is with your family. The ocean is magical and a huge source of “feel good” for me … But holds nothing to my family! Beautifully written thanks…

  2. I keep saying that I need to go on a writing retreat. Maybe I don't. Maybe I need to rethink my home space so it works better for me.

    Thanks for the photo of the Atlantic in March. Looks beautiful!

  3. Ah, the word pictures you created here are beautiful, Ruth. Comforting and challenging simultaneously. I'm glad you had the chance to be at such an awesome event, but I'm also glad that you'll get your wish and will soon be snuggling on the couch six deep. 🙂 Safe travels.

  4. The longing for your family comes through with each word so carefully chosen. Your family finds comfort in your being with them too. Safe journey home to you and let the hugs surround you.

  5. The interruption that starts with “Mom…” – warms my heart. Glad you have had time to reflect, notice, write. Glad home is the comfort surrounding life.

  6. What a warm post…Reminds me of how thankful I am for my tribe… Your piece creates strong connections and reminders of how truly fantastic it is to be a mom!

  7. As a coastal dweller, my seaside connection is strong, but it is connections that matter- wherever that may be. Ruth, I particularly like the visual imagery evoked by your reference to ' words pile pile up in the crevices of a full life.'

  8. That photo is spectacular, Ruth, of a beautiful place, but even better are the images you put in my mind of what is so much the pull of your life. I love the way you talked about the words in the writing, the connection with your friend, and pushed it around to going home. Sweet!

  9. Being away from home is a good break from reality, but how we long for home and family. They are the connection that make up our lives. I can hear the yearning in your slice to be home with your family. The picture is beautiful – I hope you enjoyed your time away.

  10. Gorgeous view! I love the ocean, and it's been several years since we went. I was going to say I was jealous, and then I kept reading… I LOVE your description of all the little things you love about home. Definitely the perfect way to show you belong there. I think I agree with you. Although I love the beach, I don't really BELONG there.

  11. You say so clearly there is nothing better than family. That love nurtures and inspires. May your days continue to be rich in happiness and laughter.