adding it up


This is how I will shine.

My story is sacrificed when I don’t write the mess and the giggles and the magic on the screen.

These words, written in a post last week, have stuck with me. They’ve compelled me to re-imagine what it means to blog here. What do I mean by Ruth Ayres Writes?

I think it adds up to living + writing + documenting + sharing. I want to be more intentional about these things. I want to capture this little life and find the magic of it. And so it begins, this first Saturday of 2013, with a little challenge inspired by my word.

52 Saturdays.

I’m capturing the shininess of each Saturday in 2013. I’m not exactly sure how I’ll capture 52 Saturdays or what I’ll hold in my hands at the end of it all. I am sure, though, that I’ll be glad I collected something.

Instagram @ruth_ayres.
Love in the kitchen window.

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  1. Sounds very good to me, Ruth. I'm just in the middle of choosing my OLW & excited about doing something regularly about it in my blog. I thought that would give me a push to pay more attention. As I've seen you write so many times, 'intentional'. Isn't this 'adding up' the same? Nice to hear…