mission STORY

So I think this little image is going to start appearing more often in my blog posts. In fact, I even gave it its own label. It’s something that is slowly spinning around my being. Mission Story. What does it mean? And why is it taking up so much brain space?

It’s about remembering your story is unwritten. It’s unfolding. Sometimes we think things are decided, but they’re not. This life you’re living, it’s not done.

Story is organic. Constantly living and changing and adapting. I like this. I like how we can collect snippets of our past and weave them into a tale. Then we continue living and telling our story and it weaves around, revealing more. Understanding more. Connecting more.

The important thing is we don’t give up. We trust Story. We know that as we hold the stories of our lives, we’ll see things more clearly. This is another part of Mission Story, to believe in our stories and to know they are worthy.

Mission Story is about encouraging others to share their stories. Stories shared make life rich. When we share our stories, we inspire others to do the same. as we listen to stories, we gain insight about life. Stories intersect and make the world more bearable.

Mission Story. I’m pretty sure it’s going to change my life.

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  1. Thought-filled. I often use this term & it's meaningful to me, like your MISSION STORY. It's good to put a face on it, which you are doing. Talking and sharing stories was a favorite time in my classroom; I think that it encouraged the writing, gave students the courage to believe they had something to tell. You did that in this post Ruth, encouraged, perhaps yourself first, but then including others. Thanks again for the words.

  2. Ruth – I love this post. My dissertation is a narrative inquiry. Right now the first sentence of my methods section is simply, “Stories matter.” I almost started with a longer sentence, but I decided that I wanted to emphasize that with two words, rather than drawing it out into a long sentence.

    I especially love your line including “believe in our stories and know that they are worthy”. I know that many in research discount narrative research, it was even taught as being on the margin of the research spectrum in our research methods course. Your line is a good reminder of why I think it is valid research.