ebb & flow

I’ve come to believe with all things creative there is an ebb and flow. I try to ride the tide when it is available and not worry so much when it ebbs. Sometimes, though, I wonder if I’m doing a good job balancing everything that I want to balance.

I like to do a lot of creative things. Things I want to do. Things I’ve deemed important. Sometimes when one flows, the others ebb and I wonder if I’m going to be sorry later in life. But life isn’t meant to be lived wondering if you’re going to be sorry later. Life is meant to be lived the very best you can at this moment in time.

Right now, I’m choosing to be thankful for the ebb and flow. Last year, while drafting my first YA novel, my scrapbooking ebbed. A lot.In 2009 I created over 200 layouts. In 2010 I created less than 15. It’s important to me to continue documenting my family’s life. In fact, this may be the most important writing that I do. I’m happy to say that this part of my creative life is picking up.

I’m learning balance isn’t always about a particular day or week or even year. Sometimes when I learn something new (like writing YA), it is going to take more of my time than it will later. I simply have strive for balance over the course of life. And trust that will be good enough.

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  1. The 24 hours in a day restriction can be maddening. While I think it's important to seek – and find – balance in our lives, I can also appreciate the need to immerse oneself in something that is fruitful, fulfilling in the moment. I like the notion of 'balance over the course of a life.'

  2. Sometimes seeing the future and all that is on one's list makes it difficult to see that balance does happen, just not in the numbers one imagines. I found a quote that means something to me about this from a most unlikely place, a mystery author that I like, Elizabeth George. “Let's just muddle through today. That's what I say. We can't take care of tomorrow until it gets here.” I too like your far-reaching goal of 'balance over the course of a life.'