inside a locker

I’ve had a hard time getting to know the main character in my newest WIP. In fact, I filled a notebook about her and ended up learning I didn’t like her enough to want to spend the time it takes to write a whole novel with her. Meanwhile, I’ve been getting to know another character, but my main character has been elusive. After yesterday’s post, I mapped her locker and now feel like I am beginning to know her. I played with this notebook entry on and off all day. It took some time, but it was worth it because I feel like I have a better understanding of Sophia (I think that’s her name, but I’m not sure.).

I used to think coloring in notebooks was a waste of time. Now, though, I don’t. It gives me thinking time, and I like the pages when there’s a little color on them. Color fills my notebook and I believe it helps me know my characters better. Can you tell what Sophia’s favorite color is? I know so much more about her now that I know what classes she is taking. And the strips of paper with inspirational quotes? That came straight from walking the halls of a high school. One of my former students kept quotes like this inside her locker. The quotes came from the captains of the team. They put them on the outside of the team’s lockers a few times each week.

Once again, I’m realizing questions drive me to write. Although this entry helped get me closer to Sophia, I still have many questions. There is more I want to know about her. There is more I need to know in order to write her story well. This play in my notebook is a crucial part of my process in getting to know the characters.

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  1. I love reading these posts and getting inside YOUR mind. Your journey is amazing and inspiring to me. I, too, like the maps…. I laughed when you said you didn't like your main character enough to spend the time writing a novel about her. Maybe she shouldn't be the main character?

  2. Thank you both. 🙂 I appreciate your comments. Yes, I agree, she shouldn't be the main character so I let her run away. Happy writing.