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a little note to my writer-self

Remember this conversation I had a few weeks ago with my crit partner? Well I have to face her and the others tonight. In the last six days, I’ve not discovered more about Krums or Sophi or their stories. This is because I’ve not listened for them or written or sketched or jotted or anything. I can’t pinpoint exactly why, but I think I need to figure it out before I have to face my writing group tonight. I’m afraid Ruth’s sinister approach to my writing life may be contagious.… Read more a little note to my writer-self

i am so blessed.

In the past two weeks I know people who have been having a hard time. A mother was checked into a behavioral health hospital because life is too overwhelming for her. A marriage is unraveling. A home was broken into, valuables stolen. A man was diagnosed with cancer and will have surgery. A child had seizures and the doctors don’t know why or if it will happen again. A high school senior’s boyfriend cheated on her. She was the last to know. A son went to jail. A single mom… Read more i am so blessed.

protection detail

Much of my energy in a day is spent protecting people from THE RUSH. I get up early, plan ahead, am intentional about conversations and length of minilessons and taking advantage of moments throughout the day in order to make space to breathe. At home I build in buffers so people can finish the thing they’re doing (building train tracks, reading a book, drawing a picture) before they have to move on to the next (dinner, bath, books, bed). I try not to look or sound harried on the outside (even when… Read more protection detail