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Category: writing workshop

Start Planning for an End-of-the-Year Writing Celebration

(Note: This is similar to a previous note that went out to my Email Pals.) It’s not too soon to begin planning for your final writing celebration of the school year. Writing celebrations offer positive energy for student writers, so it is worthwhile to end the year with one. This way students will carry self-confidence and good memories of writing with them throughout the summer and into the following school year. Primary Writing Celebrations For the youngest writers, I prefer to have a BEST BOOK EVER celebration! It just so happens that… Read more Start Planning for an End-of-the-Year Writing Celebration

Teaching Paragraphing

Last night Annabel Hurlburt and I were talking about helping fourth grade writers organize their narratives with paragraphs. Annabel has done an incredible job of helping her students think in scenes and craft a story. As we were looking at some drafts, we realized starting new paragraphs wasn’t automatic for most writers in the room. I was reminded of the tricky nature of knowing when to start a new paragraph. Several years ago, I posed the question to Two Writing Teacher readers: How do you know when to start a… Read more Teaching Paragraphing