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Category: sols

protection detail

Much of my energy in a day is spent protecting people from THE RUSH. I get up early, plan ahead, am intentional about conversations and length of minilessons and taking advantage of moments throughout the day in order to make space to breathe. At home I build in buffers so people can finish the thing they’re doing (building train tracks, reading a book, drawing a picture) before they have to move on to the next (dinner, bath, books, bed). I try not to look or sound harried on the outside (even when… Read more protection detail

my writing life (sols)

Yesterday I wrote a post and was pleasantly surprised to get a new glimpse into my writing life. Today I’m hoping to explore it more and learn more about my own writing process and finding time and gaining confidence and all of that stuff. So here’s a little unplanned list. We’ll see what is revealed…. (I’m a little anxious to see what pops up!) I think about writing even when I’m not in front of my computer. For my professional work, I find myself “talking it out” while I’m in… Read more my writing life (sols)