2009: Steph Timeline


Age: 5

Major Events:

  • Swim lessons with Nate. Playing in the park with Nate. Watching movies with Nate. Playing dolls with Nate. Eating dinner with Nate. Reading books with Nate.
  • Graduated from preschool.
  • Bedtime at 7:00 usually happened.
  • Stephanie would stay in her room during “play by yourself” time. Usually she napped…or sang.
  • Year two of an adoption is much more difficult than year one: We survived.

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  1. Even at five, she won’t stop doing what she thinks she needs for protection. Thanks again for sharing, Ruth! Wishing you a good week ahead!

  2. Nate filled her life. She was lucky to have him that year. Your last sentence fills me with sadness. That is not a verb one should need to use. I’m sorry. 🙁