2011: Steph Timeline


Age: 7

Major Events:

  • Holidays. We made and kept traditions because we believe holiday traditions are a great way to bond a family.
  • Karianne stayed with us as an exchange student for the 2011-2012 school year. It was a an act of faith, and more than coincidence that we ended up together. Karianne’s family had a foster daughter, so Karianne understood more than most the idiosyncrasies of parenting Stephanie. We became dear friends with her and her family. They have supported us in many ways throughout parenting Stephanie. We are so grateful for Karianne and her family.
  • We enjoyed cheering Stephanie on in sports and doing crafts together.
  • As is true for all of the years, Stephanie refused to obey and purposefully caused chaos. She and Hannah shared a bedroom while Karianne lived with us. This was a difficult year for Hannah.


  1. You know as I read these time lines – I keep thinking – “WOW – look what trauma can do! It can infiltrate a small child – a child who dresses up a Halloween, loves arts and crafts, celebrates holidays, smiles during family photos, draws innocent cute kitties – and that trauma seeps in and destroys. So much pain and such a shame. I wish you all the healing power and grace of God.

    • Yes, it’s unfortunate the concoction that she’s been dealt — trauma + significant mental illness + a good dose of stubbornness! One of our comforts is knowing God will always love her more than we can.

  2. She could play the little girl only sometimes, but those other feelings just wouldn’t go. I know it must make you sad to see how cruelty made its permanent mark. I’m wishing it weren’t so!

    • You are so right. She could never just be little, just rest in the truth that she didn’t have to worry or cajole for her needs.

  3. Looking at the photo, one would not know the backstory of this family. The thread of disobedience and chaos wound it’s way through all her years.

    • Yes, this is so true and I’m glad you left this comment for me. I keep thinking about it.