2015: Steph Timeline


Age: 11

Major Events:

  • Cosmic bowling, basketball, volleyball, cross country.
  • Annual trip to Kings Island and fast passes to ride the rides over and over.
  • The girls started to enjoy shopping together.
  • Board games, bike rides, puzzles and reading together
  • Stephanie loves to sing, and she has a beautiful voice.
  • Stephanie was baptized in December.

Things were always harder than they needed to be at home. Stephanie fought about the chores; she fought about when to shower; she made life difficult.This year, however, there were small slivers of getting along. We could trust the four kids to be home alone every now and then. They really loved being home alone together.

We thought things might be okay.

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    • Yes. The way a family unit is interconnected is becoming obvious in this timeline project.

  1. I’m landing here on Stephanie’s timeline because this is the year in her life that matters so much to me. Thank you for sharing your family’s journey. The courage you have in doing this is a wonder to behold, Ruth. As I follow you backwards, I’m watching you deftly weave the themes of hardship and grace throughout. That grace–hanging onto that grace for her.