2017 Reflection: Steph Timeline


I posted the 2017: Stephanie Timeline, but didn’t add a reflection. I didn’t know what was important to say, but as I opened the 2016 photos, I realized the way Stephanie had strong webs of support. There were so many people wrapping around her life and lifting her up.

I wondered if I was being too harsh by defining 2018 as the year of destruction. I realize now that it wasn’t harsh; it was accurate.

2018 was the year that Stephanie severed her webs of support. She destroyed her relationships. I look at these photos, and there is no denying that Stephanie was surrounded by much love.

One of the major understandings we worked through as a family in 2018 is the way you must place firm boundaries around the people you allow to influence your life. There are toxic people; people who will harm and damage your life. In 2018 Stephanie became one of those people to our family.  It was more than her being difficult, she pulled others down.

These photos in 2017 show the grace of the people in Stephanie’s life. Her friends were there for her; her family was there for her; her church was there for her.

And she lived some really great months, until she was unable to control her thoughts. Mental illness is tough; mental illness is especially tough during the teenage years when so many hormones are changing and raging.

2017 was a year when she decided to engage in the program at the residential treatment center. 2017 was a year when she came home and put her skills into practice. 2017 was a year when she ran out of stamina for controlling her thoughts and anger.

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  1. It’s so hard to know ‘why’. We can’t step in another’s mind & wish it to be different though we want to. Thinking of you today and hoping this special Sunday brings you some happy hours with the family.

  2. Wednesday we had a bad storm and I have been cleaning up and been in the dark and unconnected unitl today. It seems I have missed a lot these last several days. Your strength and faith is such a gift to so many others. Happy Easter to you and to your family!