2016: Steph Timeline


Age: 12

Major Events:

  • Acute behavioral hospitalization (February)
  • We met Larry, a therapist who specialized in adolescents like Stephanie. (August)
  • Larry explained to us that we needed to allow natural consequences to take place, like calling the police when Stephanie hurt or intimidated people.
  • Police responded to our calls 4 times in 2 weeks.
  • Arrested on Labor Day weekend.
  • Temporary residential placement until court date (1 night)
  • Stephanie locked all of the staff at the residential placement in one portion of the building and ran away.
  • High-security juvenile detention (40 days)
  • Court-ordered residential treatment
  • Residential placement (October)
  • Card shower for Stephanie’s 13th birthday (December)

It was becoming evident that Stephanie’s perception of the world was not reality. No matter how much we tried to reason with her, she continued to work against us. She continued to be aggressive, but  because of her size, we were unable to keep her safe or others safe.

We visited Stephanie weekly while she lived away from us. Our hope was to get her back home as soon as possible, because we believed family would help her heal.

“Thy Will” be Hilary Scott was a song on repeat  in my life after Labor Day.

I know you’re good,
but this don’t feel good right now.
I know you think
things I could never think about.
It’s hard to count it all joy
distracted by the noise,
just trying to make sense of all your promises.
Sometimes i’ve gotta stop
and remember that you are God,

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