A Habit of the Soul

I haven’t ran for two weeks. A chest cold has grabbed a hold of me and even though I laced up my shoes and thought I could, a coughing spell hit before I reached the end of the driveway.

I long to move, to walk, to run, just a few miles  — out and back. 

The only reason I long for this is because I’m used to it. I’m used to exercise being a regular part of my routine. Now that it’s not happening, I miss it.

Soon, I’ll stop wanting to exercise. The routine will be broken and my body won’t crave it.

This is true for my soul too.

David’s soul thirsts for God because he has a habit of seeking God. The more we seek God, the more we want to seek God. It’s a habit our souls crave more and more. If I’m not wanting to seek God, then I know something is amiss in my soul. 

And it can only be solved by seeking God.

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  1. …one of my favorite passages, a friend x stitched for me so long ago…your analogy between exercise and being with God i find to be so truthful…thanks love nanc